Legal Services


Legal services

UNISON provides the broadest range of legal help to union members in the UK. We offer advice and assistance not just with work issues, but for you and your family outside the workplace too. Download a guide to UNISON legal services

Employment problems

UNISON boasts the largest number of local union reps, branches and officers in the UK. They’re your first port of call for advice and support with problems at work. Where necessary they can refer your case to the regional office or UNISON’s specialist in-house lawyers and trade union solicitors.

Legal information for UNISON reps

If you are a UNISON steward looking for legal briefings and other information for activists go to our Link to another page on this siteResources section.

Online solicitors’ library

Thompsons solicitors’ online library offers advice on all sorts of issues from problems with neighbours or goods to trade union rights, discrimination against lesbians and gays at work and clinical negligence: Link to an external

Legal services – a branch guide to what we offer

This branch guide outlines the legal services provided by UNISON. It is important that you are able to advise members about the extent of the legal services offered and this guide will help you do just that.

A Branch Guide to Legal Services

Legal Services

We also provide the following legal services to members and in some cases also to their families*

Members’ Families
Employment advice
Accidents at work
Accidents outside work
Criminal injuries
Compensation Authority (CICA)
Criminal law, wills
30 minutes legal advice
Criminal negligence

* Defined as any relative including partners, in-laws and step-relatives.
** Including joint will Special rates

Access to Legal Services

In order to qualify for legal help you need to:

  • Have been a UNISON member at least 4 weeks before realising you need legal help
  • Be up-to-date with your membership subscriptions.

The simplest way to access most services is by contacting:
Phone: 0845 355 0845
Textphone: 0800 0 967 968
Lines Open:
Monday to Friday: 6am – midnight
Saturdays: 9am – 4pm